CNC Spindle Repair

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Spindle Repair Testing

At Motor City Machine Tool Repair we have state of the art testing capabilities. Our motto is " If we can not test it, we won't rebuild it."


Testing Spindles before and after a rebuild is important, to ensure proper diagnosis of a machine problem, and that it is repaired properly. We have dedicated staff that are responsible for testing and ensuring only quality spindles are shipped to customers. With advanced equipment and skilled technicians, we have a reputation of repairing and balancing spindles with extreme precision. An in depth testing process is executed to make sure every component is functioning to the OEM specifications.

Modern CNC machines are often more complex than several decades ago. These motorized spindles will often have encoders, sensors, and proximity switches. Because of these newer electrical components, advanced testing equipment is often needed to test these spindles. Thankfully we at Motor City have state of the art testing equipment, capable of testing nearly any spindle component.

Testing Procedures:

  • All spindles are test run in house at maximum rpm while performing vibration & temperature analysis.
  • During run in the bearings are checked for velocity & displacement.
  • All draw bars are set to the correct pull force retention.
  • All electrical components, winding, encoders, prox switches etc... are tested repair and replaced as needed.
  • All critical surfaces, housing, bearing journals, shafts, tapers, are checked to verify they are with in tolerance.
  •  All spindles are balanced both dynamically & statically to maximum rpm.